DT @ Jakarta

Some pixs of Jkt concert from a big thank you to Dini who wrote a fantastic review in her excellent blog, please check it out. Terima kasih Dini *muak* hehe Beachgurl also wrote a review in Davidtao forum & big thank you to her, I got the songlist:
1. Runaway
2. Wang Bu Liao
3. Close to you
4. Lets fall in love
5. Ghost
6. Susan says
7. Who do you love
8. Moon over whose heart
9. Airport at 10.30
10. Black tangerine
11. Regular friends
12. Marry me today
13. Season of Loneliness
14. Love Can
15. Rain
16. I Love You
Thanks again to all who came here to let us more abt the concert. Its just great & make my heart swell to know there are still ppl out there who care abt DT to want to let others know. My blog is just a virtual meeting place for these random DT fans cos I know those more established DT fans have their ways of finding out info. The next outing for David is at the Taipei Franklin Graham Festival on Sat, 11/1. Apparently Vanness Wu who is also performing at this festival had to turn down an invitation from Kanye West to be his guest at his Beijing concert on the same day. Sweet boy ^__^ however dun worry Vanness fans, he will guesting at Kanye's Shanghai concert on 11/3.


Dini said...

Ur welcome! I'm glad to share, but I just wish I took better pictures, LOL.

Zhao said...

Thanks again Dini. I thought yr pixs look great, anyway they gave us a view of what the Jkt concert was like.