8 days to Jakarta concert

Thanx to those who commented below. Glad you share my sentiments abt David even in these uncertain times where the whimpers of chinese music could hardly be heard as it is being slowly, mercilessly tortured, murdered & buried in no man's land. But a little glimmer of hope as I heard being played in 2 supermarkets the music of Lu Guang Chong from his album 100 ways of living. It's heartening to know that good music can be appreciated anywhere without any kinda hype. Although I do hope he will stop changing his english name, its a bit disconcerting. In fact why have an english name, why not just stick with his chinese one? I will try to blog more as I feel I have been neglecting David lately. Not that he is not always in my heart but I admit I do feel disappointed with him. I felt he should have waited till he release his 6th studio album before disappearing to do the stuff he wants to to like shoot a movie. While I always believe in less is more but really 5 studio albums for a singer/songwriter about to turn 40 is kinda low rite?


Anonymous said...

hi, i think u meant Lu Guang Zhong instead of Wu and his english name is Crowd Lu right? :)

Anonymous said...

david started out late.. he was in his late 20s during his 1st album?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have him do less than more.. I kinda count his Concert album as the same with other studio album since the quality was superb. I even listen to it more coz I love the energy in it.

Then again I never ever stick to any artist more than 3 albums, they usually either dry out or lost touch with themselves anyway.

well IMO 40 is the new 30 so I still think he's young enough to do anything he wants. & his pacing was good.. not 1 album per year that's annoying... & he improve his arrangement with every album so I could forgive him anything..

my country a huge mess.. I'd never hope he'd come here anymore.. it sad coz I couldn't afford to go aboard at the moment.


Zhao said...

Thks all for yr comments. And yeah I meant Lu not Wu sry :P corrected the mistake. Well I think his name was Vitas first before Crowd. Well DT did start 10 yrs ago but I agreed that at least his albums shown improvement.
My dearest Zoe, I feel so sorry for you but hang in there plse. DT loved Thailand when he went there to film a commercial, although there is vry little chance he will hold a concert there.