Not enough DT

My dear DT, I don't expect a lot from you either but that you continue to touch people with your songs & live performances so its so nice to read msgs like this on my blog dedicated to you:
Anonymous said...
Very memorable concert. I didn't expect much as I do not really into him, but surprisingly the impression is so deep. The concert is not long enough. I want more!
10/27/2008 1:01 AM
Thank you anon *wipe tears from my eyes* We always want more from DT but he is so unwilling to give to us *sigh* although I do understand he wants to keep a big part of himself private. So I guess his debut Jakarta concert is a success. Hope he enjoyed himself too. Here's an Indonesian fan review if u can read Indonesian.

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Anonymous said...

SUPERB concert, despite the location/stage.Sound system is great, no glitches.The usual band team, 2drum/percussion, 2guitar(incl Jamie), KhengLong,David Tan, Kewei&Elisa. David sang 15 songs in a row without costume change.Good interaction with audience, speak some bahasa (correct accent :-),taste gado gado & cendol. He also mentioned that his mom had visited/perform in Indonesia some 30 years ago?... tbc.