7 days to Jakarta concert

At last Sands International updated their website with DT concert promo. Also online ticketing here. Otherwise not much news on our elusive DT ^__^ Was reading an article abt chinese music successfully mixing in both chinese & western styles & Anson Hu's Hong Yan was mentioned as one of the earliest but not so popular. If you haven't heard it, listen here cos I really like it a lot. Considering Anson was still in his early 20s then, the song is marvellously sophisticated. Its evocative of old China without being overtly zhongguafeng, not to mention Anson's wonderful vocal abilities.
I also like Anson's latest hit, Man KTV, which he wrote for Justin Lo but much prefer his mandarin version. If I haven't been a DT fan first, dare say Anson Hu could have become my idol. I love his simple sincerity & obvious respect for music. He is one of the few chinese singers who didn't get commercialised once they gained some fame. To date, Anson has not endorsed many products if any & did not rely on love rumors to get some headlines. Although its a fairly harmless thing to do, you know, male singer mention secret love interest during new album launch. The media speculated on the identity & those identified played along cos its exposure for them too. Just a bit immature.

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