15 days to Jakarta concert

Very adorable pix. Guess he had a great time in Tianjin. It was raining again & he got drenched singing Rain but hoped that he could 'find himself' again in Tianjin. Listen to a few clips posted by DTFC & he sounded great. Powerful clear voice, effortless projection. There seems to be a worrying delay with his new album. Earlier he had said almost dismissively that he had finished the album & its up to his record company now. His record company confirmed that they have his finished album & is doing final promo work but set back the release date to Dec or even later Jan 09. Why the delay?
I hope its not going to be like Elva Hsiao & Warner where she couldn't even release her album. I have a bad feeling abt his working relationship with this new record company. There was some report midyear which said that he was not pleased when they wanted to delay the release of his album ... and you know what David is like when he is not pleased >"< He wouldn't say anything in public of cos but lately his attitude seems to be a bit lacklustre when talking abt his album. Anyway whatever obstacles you may face, DT, we will always support you. With rampant piracy & oncoming recession, there is no guarantee that his new album will sell well esp when he is adamant not to make a crowdpleasing album. Dear DT, just walk your own walk & if you are sincere, all will turn up well for sure.
He promised we will be able to watch his movie next year but I wish he will stop with the hype abt making a breakthrough in chinese movies. I don't know if he is doing it to please his investors but hype usually comes to naught when you fail to deliver. Anyway one Taiwanese movie has already proved that one can be successful without hype. Wei Te-sheng's Cape No 7 has become a trueblue box office success. He borrowed NT$30 million putting himself into debt just to film this movie & it has already made much more & is Taiwan's Oscar entry this yr. If one really has a dream, one go ahead with it no matter what. If David's dream is to film a movie, he would have written a script a long time ago & worked hard to get the funds to film it. Not wait till 10 yrs later when he is famous & is able to get investors interested without even having a finished script yet.

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