Jakarta concert tonite!

Thanks to beachgurl for following msg:
Yayayayay, 1 more day to DT Concert. DTblogindo owner had greeted DT on airport today - so he's already in town. Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh !

Good luck to DT & his band for a successful debut concert in Jakarta!


Anonymous said...

Very memorable concert. I didn't expect much as I do not really into him, but surprisingly the impression is so deep. The concert is not long enough. I want more!

Zhao said...

TQ vry much anon :D

Anonymous said...

The concert room is not that good and the crowd is just ok.. But this is one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to!!!!(I watched destiny child, the corrs etc)

The quality of his voice is omg.. So good.. Speechless... Superb!

Hope he wants to come back to Jakarta and I will prepare myself better (like memorizing the lyrics!! So painful I couldn't sing along..
And david, how could you not sing 'Liu Sha'?

Superb for the whole team