5 days to Jakarta concert

David's trip to Shanghai was actually to perform at a concert sponsored by Mercedes Benz I guess in preparation for the upcoming F1. It was reported he looked handsome in a 'silvery' suit & glasses. He appeared with A-Mei & they looked 'intimate' together.
Vry nice pix of them ^__^ I think those are new frames but he does look vry good, very directorish hehe Its strange he can look all boyish & expressive in one concert but matured & refined in another. He seems to have lost some weight & gotta love that falling-in-the-face hair *silent scream*
DT will also be performing in Taipei on 11/1 for what looks like to be a Christian youth concert in the poster. So looks like he will be in Asia for a couple of weeks <3
(Poster pix credit & much thanks to TW DT Yahoo Grp)


justjesss said...

hi again zhao di !!!

yes, DT is handsome, SO handsome, with glasses, without glasses...blah blah blah...he's OUR MAN !!! haha...

any news if he's coming to Malaysia?

anne said...

Yeah! love that fringe!

Anonymous said...

Yayayayay, 1 more day to DT Concert. DTblogindo owner had greeted DT on airport today - so he's already in town. Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh !


Zhao said...

Thanx to all for yr comments. Justjess, sry but no news on Malaysia concert.