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Seemed that David didn't turn up in Dongsheng after all. Oh well his Tianjin concert will be next week so hopefully there will be news & pixs. No news abt his album so guess Oct release is out, so maybe Nov or Dec or even possibly Jan ^__^ Have a feeling his record company is delaying the release cos maybe David hasn't agreed to extending his contract yet. In these times of little profit from album sales, a recording contract esp with a HK based company could possibly mean more endorsements & bigscale concerts. I honestly don't think this is a route David wants to take. He probably wants to go on releasing albums but not every year. Dear DT, whatever your future plans, hope they will be successful.
Have been watching some episodes of Slamdunk & must say I am impressed. That they could stretched out the last 3 mins of a basketball match into 2 half hour series & still made them exciting & breathtaking. But it will be nigh impossible to make this into a movie. In fact I wish non-Japanese will stop making anime into movies. As far as I am concerned the most successful anime to movie is Death Note. I am still enjoying anime music. Heard some really cool hiphop with stylish inclusion of Japanese traditional music & sorry to say but is way more sophisticated than any Chinese composer has ever done. At the very least, it did not sound kitsch -- which is what most zhongguofeng music is sounding to me now *anticipating ugly comments from crazy fans hah*
Not saying that Japanese music is superior to other Asian music but certainly anime somehow managed to bring out the best in their creativity in many areas from storytelling to art but still anime does represent a form of escapism no matter how serious the material. Its the same with popular writers like Haruki Murakami & Banana Yoshimoto who indulge in the paranormal time & again in their novels. I guess with their tramatised history, one can understand why. By the by did you know that US is flirting with the idea of selling nuclear missiles to Taiwan. Deja vu eh? But of cos Taiwanese can afford to relax cos u know they can close their eyes & remember those blissful childhood memories. God I can be a bitch sometimes hehe :P


Anonymous said...

lol I used to be a die-hard Anime music fans since I'm abit Otaku myself [hate that word] since I found DT.. I'm converted to Mandarin Pop but still I can't stomach anyone other than DT..

I used to hate Anime lyrics so bad. they sound so cliche & kiddish but now they have more tie-in with real artists so I guess even if it probably doesn't related much with the story, the lyrics get more beautiful. Right now I can't get enough of 'Macross Frontier' it's lovely


Anonymous said...

DT Tianjin concert is today, 7 Oct. I read Kewei blogspot and she seemed rushing flying to China on 5 Oct. Waiting for pics and news. Excited, 18 more days to Jakarta concert !!!!!


Zhao said...

Hi Zoe, we always have the same interests :) Hey there beachgurl lucky you, will do a countdown to Jakarta concert soon okie!