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Sorry for the outburst & thank you for being so understanding. I just don't understand why some ppl cannot separate my opinions from my being a fan of David. Do they think I want to bring down other singers just for David? Why would I want to do that? If someone has written a great song & come up with a great album, I would be delighted for chinese music. Currently I am stuck on cable channel called Animax & just amazed at the quality & variety of music written for anime series. Just made me sad when I listen to the chinese music coming out now. Actually I don't even dare to raise any high hopes for DT's new album. For sure I will like the music cos I know he would do his best but would it be a defining album for chinese music? Reading his responses to interviews, I don't think so cos he is still saying the same things & having the same thoughts. I feel he lacks the fire & drive now to write the kind of inspiring music he has done in the past. But I am ok with it as I think he doesn't want that kind of expectations on his shoulders. So someone else has to do it & at present, in my opinion anyway, there is still yet no successor in sight.


Anonymous said...

/me pat Zhao di on the sholder

just cut DT some slacks, he won't get any younger so I don't think he will be kicking like before.. lol I only hope he will be a great wine that taste great over time .. all his music seem to mature well so I wont worry too much about the new album.. easy-listening, bubblegum pop, metal rock etc.. he never disappointed me before so I wont judge till it came out. he's the longest obsession I ever have as a musician & a person so I probably being bias. ;)

Jay will be Jay.. I never seem to get the hype about him or his music ever, but maybe that's just me :P I can't understand the lyrics & the music a tad boring to my taste.

keep up the great blog with your opinion.. I love reading them even if it pissed someone of.


Zhao said...

Oh thank u Zoe, so glad you still around & still into David. Yeah, I am looking forward to his new album but setting my expectations low so as not to be disappointed but he has yet to disappoint me.