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Bits & pieces of DT news appearing as his 10/7 Tianjin concert nears but nothing new. He may also participates in a largescale concert on 10/3 in Dongsheng which is in Inner Mongolia. Get the feeling that he picks these performances for the places that he would otherwise not get to visit ^__^
Saw preview of Jay's new mv & his new song *sigh* I will just be honest & said that personally I think it's such a messy song. Although the cowboy song was a riot, at least it was intentionally funny. Jay decided to get serious this time & as usual advocates escapism as the way to all problems. When the going gets tough, just remember those innocent childhood times & be happy. Methinks a bit obscene when more than 50,000 babies in China will not get to have happy childhood memories at all. Why does he always write such submissive songs?
Maybe its the Confucian values he received in his education. Kowtow to yr elders even when they are corrupted for they know better. Could be why his songs are so useful as propaganda in schools in China. When your babies are dying from contaminated milk & corrupted politicans lined their own pockets, just listen to your mother & remember those blissful childhood days *__* A bit harsh I know but Jay needs to get down from his glass tower & out of his comfort zone if he really wants to educate the masses.
And I haven't even got to the music hehe anyway he or his arranger did some tiny sampling from Soulja Boy's monster hit Crank Dat. The beat is slowed down considerably but similar ringing sound & infectious oh in the background to give a childlike feel. While Crank Dat featured the distinctive sound of the steel drum, Jay threw in the cajone, a boxlike drum but I really can't hear it in the song if it was not mentioned that it appeared in the mv. I feel that the song would have worked better with a faster beat & more of the drum sound for a bit of reggae but then it would sound more like Crank Dat & u know Jay is terrified of being called a 'copycat':P


Anonymous said...

Isn't music a way to relieve our stress and troubles? So why can't it be a form of escapism? If a singer can provide that outlet of temporary relief, is that wrong? It's up to the actions of Man to stop disasters from continuing. Even if Jay Chou knows the milk powder disaster will take place, what can he do? He is no health official.


anonymous said...

lets not argue and be prejudice ... both david and jay are great talent in the song industry yea :D

Matt said...

think you're totally off about the music part