DT live in Jakarta

Here it is at last - very nice banner of our most favorite person in the world. Sry for the fangirldom ^__^ but kinda going back to my first time of listening to him & falling in love. He still has the power to make me go all tingly and happy. Maybe its a good thing that he was away for so long cos then I realised its always going to be his music & that wonderful melting voice that I fell in love with. His personality, thoughts, feelings are all there. Its kinda funny cos I was watching this anime series called ROD (Read or Dream) the TV & it must be my 2nd fav anime after Lain. Anyway there was a rather fantastic plot to preserve a powerful leader's personality, intelligence, knowledge, feelings, thoughts into books & then downloading them onto a human mind so as to resurrect him. As I was listening to David's music I was thinking that this is what David has done - transferred some of his thoughts & feelings during the recording of his album to the music.
Anyway back to the banner courtesy of W Productions, I think they will not mind me posting here as its all promo rite hehehe cos they also created friendster acc for him. This info is made available thanks to Josephinerenee @ DT Yahoo Grp.


Anonymous said...

Yay, so excited, at last DT concert in my country ! Already order the tickets along with some overseas fans. Looking forward to meet you all there !!!.

celinewong said...

oh wow!! how come there's a concert over there? when is msia's turn!! :P

dQ said...

yea i ave been waiting for 2 years ... the last time i missed it because spm was looming T_T

Zhao said...

Hi beachgurl & dq, plse come back with report & pixs if u can. Hi Celine, sry but don't think he will having concert in Msia this yr.