White Rabbit warning

A very sad warning post about David's fav candy - White Rabbit Creamy Candy. Samples of the candy imported from China in Singapore were found to be contaminated with melamine, the chemical that has already taken the lives of 4 infants & caused kidney stones to appear in thousands of babies in China. Probably some DT fans would like to eat the candy cos I know I sometimes eat them. Hopefully David get to know about this & not eat them anymore. I did leave a warning post @ Davidtao forum so hope he sees it. Dear DT, its not all good with the world at the moment. I hope your new album will reflect this. Honestly I don't need any more chart-topping songs from you. I want meaningful songs & I don't care if others don't like them. Songs like Free, 好好活下去 & Laurel Hero are just a start. They are great but I know you can do better.


John said...

i'm from singapore and i can't wait for his new album.
yeah i do agree with you and i too, enjoy more of his meaningful songs like Dear God, Hu Die and Free
pls do continue to post updates of him(:
have always been following your posts consistently
you're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

woah, I haven't eat those candy for ages...

would u be mad if I'm more interested in his movie project than the new album.. I kinda okay listening to his old tracks non-stop anyway.


Zhao said...

Thanks John for yr comments & reading my blog :) Oh yeah I am looking forward to his movie too Zoe but its just that he is so slooooooooow hehehe