Leave me alone

No, I feel strongly that escapism is NOT the way to solve problems which is what China is trying to do now. Sweep everything under the carpet & send men out to space to create diversion. Anything to avoid facing the problems & trying to solve them. There is still no answer to what or if any measures are being put in place to avoid the same thing happening. Actually the previous post was more my anger abt this. Anything abt not protecting innocent infants always get me. It must always be the responsibility of our society to protect babies because they are totally innnocent & defenceless.
It's just that Jay happens to come along with his silly song masquerading as serious social msg. This will always be my opinion & I am sorry but I cannot change it. People need to understand that you cannot force others to accept what you think is right. I don't go around to other blogs or forums to try & change others' opinions so plse if you visit my blog, don't try to change mine. I am not hating on Jay cos I am a David fan. If you read my blog, u know that I am just as hard on David. Besides don't worry, I am only a miniscule minority. The majority will praise Jay, his new song & his new album. He will receive many awards & get many accolades so plse leave me & my blog alone. I need to be free to write what I feel. If u dun like it, simply do not visit. My opinions are not that important.


ladidadom said...

hey! my sentiments exact when i heard his new release. it's not being biased against Jay or that towards David...but my first reaction was good grief this is so cliched. and DT had already been that done that...so, gimme a break. =p

Anonymous said...

Which new release by Jay are you all talking about? I'd like to check and out and see it for myself. I Love David's music regardless... It's personal in a way... However, I have respect for Jay's talents. I haven't been keeping up Jay's music as much as David's. The last I heard was the album "On The Run." Is that the one you are referring to?

Also, I read DT's coming out with a new album? That's awesome...!! I can't wait. =) And also a movie I hear? What's it called?


udonotknowme1 said...

Haha, it's funny how some people bother to visit so many sites to express their differences in opinion.

Continue blogging. We love David!

Suk Yee

Zhao said...

Thank you all for yr support. Kate, Jay's new album is called Capricorn. DT's movie still has no name *sigh* but it will be a musical.