Very cool David

Watch the Making of Hennessy Artistry & it was Machi & other TW acts, but they did show David cm at the end. It was really vry cool & David just way too gorgeous. It was shot in kinda sepia to reflect like old times. Old man turn on radio for the intro of Tai Mei Li, then David walks down street with black guitar slung on his back *swoon* Shop with many old clocks & 2 old men play chess at the entrance while outside David strums his guitar & sings a few lines of Olia <3<3<3 ^__^ Voiceover of David talking abt passing of time in his cute Mandarin with that slightly overseas Chinese accent - he tries hard to speak proper Chinese but just can't get rid of his cute accent *__* Dressed casually in his usual jeans, white tee & black jacket. Last shot of him sauntering slowly forward but not looking into the camera, he is just soooooooooooooooo dreamy & yummy *heart stop*
Fantastic ad! Hope somebody will post it up soon. Answering to Tracy, think David has 2 bikes, both Italian - Ducati & MV Agusta, & he said he has 7 cars. He mentioned some of them in his msgs. I remembered he bought a Ford Mustang in an online auction & I believed the BMW he drove in Runaway mv is his. He also wanted to buy a Ferrari but not sure if he bought it.

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