A-Mei mvs

Saw the Hennessy Artistry promo again, also brief interview in english *__* Must be after filming as David was wearing the same clothes & in the same location. I think he said that it was the first time for him participating in this kinda event. Should be great experience for him. Kanye West was featured in the NY event & Hennessy is also sponsor for his HK concert with Edison Chen opening for him. That cutie really is flying high in his career!

Found this @ youtube -- classical trio playing Marry me today instrumental. What is it abt this song? *scratch head* I mean I like it but he has a lot of better songs, including those he wrote for others. Like the marvellous High High High for one & only A-Mei. Been looking for the mv & found it at last. Surprised that he wrote the lyrics for it as well.

Also found One night stand mv & he wrote the lyrics for this song too. A-Mei looked fabulous here.

This is probably my fav song he wrote for A-Mei & he co-wrote the lyrics - live version of Innocent Generation.

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