No unplugged concert

According to TW fanclub, David will not be holding his unplugged concert this year. But he may be appearing in a charity concert in Shanghai on 12/23. Apparently Jacky Wu who was 1 of the many guests in Jolin's 3-day concert in Taipei sang Marry me today with her & also changing the rap to blatant mention of Jay Chou. Jolin was vry good abt it though. Jacky has been heavily promoting his new protege, Evan Yo. Saw his mvs a couple of times cos on constant mtv rotation & basically he is no different from the many fresh new male talents from Taiwan. They can sing a little, play a couple of instruments & usually can write some songs & lyrics. What they lack is personality & a sense of direction. Also vocal training & voice projection.
Was reading the imdb review on Curse of the Golden Flower & kinda expected it. Saw some trailers & strangely, the storming of the Summer Palace come to mind. Probably cos the extravagant interiors, colors & costumes are more reminscent of the Qing Dynasty, Forbidden City & all that. This kinda annoys me, ok, a movie dun have to be that historically correct but it just perpetuates the myth that the ancient Chinese loved glitter & gaudy things *sigh* As someone pointed out after watching Curse, kinda disconcerting that Zhang Yimou is responsible for the opening & closing ceremonies of Beijing Olympics 2008 >"< No wonder they got Steven Spielberg as consultant but will he be able to tone down Zhang's excesses ^__^

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