Concert @ Hubei

Pixs from Hubei concert on 11/11. Can see he always strive to give his best, just gorgeous *__* David sang Can't get you outta my head, Who do you love, Smalltown girl & Susan said. He flew in the night before vry late around 11pm but his China fans still waited for him, singing Love Can to welcome him. A male fan even rushed up to embrace him ^__^ David also attended another concert on 11/10, not much news abt that one except it kinda starred almost the same singers like Stefanie Sun & Guang Liang.
Apparently the Hennessy Artistry @ Shanghai on 12/2 will be quite a big affair & TW fans already organising trip to go & attend *gasp* such devotion is good to see but then David is worth it ^__~ Not sure if it will be David's last concert in Asia or whether he will stick around for year end concerts. He must be missing Lucky & LA vry much & hoping to wrap up his activities so he can go back *sob* Already missing him cos probably not much news on him nxt yr while he is preparing movie script. Some more Wild day out @ youtube:

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