Global David

David doing his pointy thing & looking goofy but still gorgeous ^__^ More yummy Wild Day Out pixs (link courtesy Yumiko blog & ent-magazine.net). English writeup abt Hennessey Global Artistry Tour: "... the conclusion of the China tour is a concert of epic proportions over at the Pudong Expo site on December 2nd ... The bill covers superstars from David Tao to Sky Nellor, to Juliette & the Licks of Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis fame." Sounds wildly exciting! Some sobering news abt bustup of website for illegal music dl which included Tai Mei Li. Trouble is too many of them available online & not all chinese either >"<
Popular mainland singer Sun Nan will cover other singers' songs including David's during his Dec concert in Shenzhen. Another act covering David's songs is Walking on Water - Singapore's only all-female R&B-Gospel-Pop-Band. So watch out for their nxt performance. Some helpful fan has posted on TW Yahoo grp that the song David wrote for Melody is the ending theme for idol series Scissors stone paper or Game of love. Vid & lyrics posted here (Info credit TW Yahoo grp) This is a recently filmed TV series so now not sure when he wrote the song. Also think he sang the background vocals which could mean he produced the song but dun wanna start any rumor here *__*

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