The artistry of DT

David will be appearing for Hennessy Artistry with western performers on 12/2 in Shanghai. That's Juliette Lewis the actress if u r wondering ^__^ Tomorrow 11/4 David will be rocking outside in HK for Wild Day Out. Watch the Music on Fire episode & he was so funny when he said he has made such a big deal of filming a movie nxt yr that he has to do it now even if it turns out to be a flop or he will not be able to 'step down the stage'. My only worry is being the perfectionist, he will probably take a longer time than expected to film, he could turn out to be another WKW >"<
Watch TVB news clip here 2 in list on 2006-11-01, vry nice concert wrapup, also more to come on fans gathering. Thanks Andrew again for letting us know abt fixing the lighting problem. David is so lucky that he not only has such marvellous talents working for him on stage but backstage as well.
the Dark one said...
u know..there are 16 sets of lights used in the back bright light, and 2 day b4 show time, 7 of them were shortcircuited and it went boom..the programmer wanted to cut the lights for this sequence (in the 4th clip - ghost song)
i was put in charge of putting it down..but i duno why, might be my itchy hands but then i tried to fix it and..it works...
and it turn out great...all those electric goes onto my body while doing tat pays off oso..at least i know...i wana keep this vid for memories, cause from where i'm working tat night, i can't seems to get a clean shot of anything!!

You can use savetube to get the vid with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTQmVaYGlYw the url.


Kathleen said...

Thank you very much.
I still wondering how to download youtube video be4 your post.

SaveTube is a great website.

Now I can download Taozhe's MV on youtube.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot zhaodi! I tink i really remember ur nick from year 2003 web forum!! hehe nice to c u again! i forgot wat was my nick then..ilovedavid? ahha i just simply register!

thanks a lot for ur site! love it!

the Dark one said...

i'm flattered....cuts and brusies yo...

jus glad u guys really notice the light works really..