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Managed to catch the Hennessy promo again & its really so enjoyable, David just looks incredibly good. Not really cm as there is no product shot so more a promo. Also noticed that his guitar strap is Levys yin yang design. Looks vry distinctive & goes with his name Tao ^__^ Yeah kinda noticed little details like that cos erm not much news on him at the moment heehee Well there was some news of a Taiwanese mayor's wife who suffered substantial injuries in an accident & cos she was listening to Marry me today in the car which is also her fav song, her family included the song in the tape they played to her constantly to help her recover consciousness. She has apparently regained consciousness but not to give too much credit to David's song, cos it was the brave effort of her family & the expert medical help she received. So much prayers & hope she continued to recover.
Anyway just wanna to point out how crazy this duet which is just a sweet little song written by David, not really great but it has such remarkable life of its own. It has already been sung in 4 concerts by diff ppl from the original singers David & Jolin to Karen Mok, Kewei & Jacky Wu. The girl featured in the mv was noted for her strong resemblance to Patty Hou & she has received other assignments cos of this. The elephant motif tee featured in the mv has become trendy. David said that he hoped ppl of all ages will like the song but he did not expect even the 2-yr-old daughter of his friend likes it & now in some small way, it helped a seriously injuired woman in her 50s cos she too likes the song. Maybe David should write more duets *__* No, not really, he will never try to write songs to achieve greatness, they just did it on their own if that makes sense.

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Err... my full msg wasnt shown in the shout out box... so hence the message here. Sometime back I mentioned something about posting my vid of singing DT's "Sha Tan" but unfortunately until now I still dunno how to upload into youtube. To make it up, here's my version of DT's "Liu Sha". http://www.savefile.com/files/300294