Protecting David

David is one of the performers for a large-scale concert in Wuhan on 11/12 along with Wubai & Lou Dayou. Second part of tvb news clip 4 in list on 2006-11-02. David having a great time with his fans after the KL concert, look out for the last part where he spoke english to his non-Asian fan from HK ^__^ Thanks to Jane for following on shoutbox:
Have been following closely on the promotional tours and radio programmes featuring David and thought that you guys might be interested (if you guys have not known it already). He will be featured as the November star of ?Xing Ching? which will be aired on Malaysian radio station 988 (website: www.988.com.my) at 11.00pm every Monday during the month of November and can listen online. The repeat telecast will be on every Sunday at 6.00pm. David will be sharing with us his childhood, record production and love etc!
Thanks also to everybody for making the shoutbox so happening *__* will definitely get msn so can chat with u guys. I did had msn but got rid of it recently to free space. Another maddening article on sina.com beating the dead horse abt David's so-called "copying". As far as I am concerned, this is a smear campaign and it certainly does not belong on the most prominent chinese entertainment website. When you labelled somebody a "copycat", you better have proper facts to back it up than just a forum discussion, or else you are just as guilty as those irresponsible photographers who took pixs of Twin's Gillian changing in the dressing room. I take this attack on David's reputation very seriously & will continue to monitor & blog about it so more David fans & anyone reading this blog is aware of this insidious, ugly not to mention illegal form of slander from Sina.com.

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