Pix credit serene @ DT Forum. Songwriting seminar @ Hard Rock Cafe, he looked really fresh in this shirt. Basically David you can't go wrong with stripes heehee. Next to him Tanya Chua, another talented singer/composer with a lovely voice. Her duet with Stefanie was not bad. Tanya also had duet with David during his I'm OK concert in 2000 singing A Whole New World. Both of them superb. Its strange cos David looked younger than her now, not sure how old Tanya, but during the 2000 concert Tanya looked younger. Tanya also covered Blue Moon in one of her albums.
SueAnne has shared her DT Expo experience & pixs @ blog forum, thks vry much, really enjoy reading her fun account, oso gurl_julie kindly posted link to her account @ diaryland. Anyway according to both of them, EMI staff was not that kind to DT fans 'shooing' them out from the aircon area to wait under the hot sun & the door did not opened earlier as reported. SueAnne wrote the newspapers quoted the EMI staff saying that they were trying to be nice to the fans and let us in before 6pm... ai yoh.... where got? but i was thankful we were allowed to go in at 6pm...
So its not just the media twisting the truth, publicity ppl r often guilty of not telling the entire truth to make them look like the good guys. While @ blog forum check out ivna eng translation of Fated, while u may not understand it all, its rather cute, sweet & 'localised' lol. I particularly like this line "17 msges all kena dao-ed" heheheheheheheh TQ guys for yr contribution :D
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Lotsa fans getting anxious abt David's concert schedule as sum like Junko wants to start making plans to visit the countries where he will be having one. I am afraid at the moment there's vry little confirmation. A clip available @ davidcn where he answered media questions during his visit to Beijing last mth. 1 question was why his mainland concert taking so long. He just replied calmly that for him staging a concert meant that most of the conditions like band availability, timing, ticket sales, location all be as ideal as possible. If not then he will rather not have a concert if conditions are not met & audience complain later.
David wants to give the best to his audience or not at all. So being DT fans meant on the one hand we get the most professionally staged concerts but on the other we have to be patient until David decide the best time to stage his concerts so at the moment all that is decided r the concerts will start from China around Aug-Sep.
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I watched the Soul Power live concert dvd many times & can understand why so many ppl still talked abt their concert experience. I watched other live concert dvds & vry few have the freshness, the power, the inspiration of David's. Usually its abt the clothes, or the dancers, or the stage which is nice eye candy but the standard of music hardly ever matched. With David, its all abt the music, & nothing but the music & marvellous vocals. Hard to imagine the live experience, must be so so so awesome. so all I can say is hang in there cos its surely worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Hey zhao, u kinda bring out the same thoughts i have for his soulpower concert. i've went to a few live concerts before maybe not enough to call it all but i can assuredly conclude that none of it has the greater impact on me like what the soulpower did. Wat's overwhelming is when the impact can still be there even after watching it again. Theres just something i'll like to share, i remember him mentioning abt wanting the audience to be immerse into his music, but before he said that, that word has already crossed my mind right there where i was. So i guess that's really how powerful his music can be, he did what he wanted for his audience maybe not to all but at least it was to me. And i'm really grateful for that becoz this is really what a concert shld be, nothing fanciful but just purely on music.=)

> tangerina

Zhao said...

Hi Tangerina, thanks for all yr clips & pixs, vry nice site, is its gonna be permanent cos then I will include in links. Hopefully we can go to his next concert & immerse in his music again.

shirley said...

hey zhao, ur most welcomed & thks for your thoughtfulness! but can't say the site is goin to be up there permanently coz its only focusin on 1 DT event...however becoz it's one of my most treasured memory, i'll keep it for at least a month or 2 ...so i'll leave it up to u whether u wanna add the link...i'm okie wif anythin...=)

> Tangerina