David gorgeous as coverboy in this wk's Sisters Pictorial mag, local version diff to the HK one posted @ davidcn. Prefer local as more & better pixs. Feature should be same just diff layout. Last Behind the scene page vry nice with little pixs of David being made up, eating pasta, etc.

The feature quite lighthearted with the writer getting exasperated when David was being contradictory abt his feelings abt love & the right kinda girl for him. He used car to define his 'perfect girl', think its a purple 911 Porsche. He said he chose purple because it can look like black or blue in certain lighting. Oso mysterious & full of character, classic but can be a bit strange so not entirely 'perfect'. David explained not looking for 'perfect girl' but 'her faults must be in the right place'. The writer then said she felt like removing her shoe & hitting his 'big devil head' hahahahaha cos she felt he is being conceited, wanting a 'not exactly perfect girl with faults in the right place' as she felt this kinda girl is 'beyond perfect'.

Actually getting bored with David's 'perfect girl'. He will nvr get married if he is looking for this kinda girl. She don't exist & even if she does, she will not necessarily be looking for a man like David. Finally still fall back on his old fav Charlie Theron. To tell the truth, dun think much of Charlie, she came across to me as an airhead with that superior attitude a lot of white South Africans have abt them. Its not a racist attitude merely they will brought up to believe they are a better race & its hard for them to shake it off.
Oso bought the The Great Leap MV Session dvd, will do a review @ blog forum soon. The new mvs I haven't seen r Fated, 2night, Sula & Lampa. The first 2 are quite similar, just David singing followed by static shots of a girl. No interaction which is a relief for reasons I go into further. Sula & Lampa vry in tune with the song, funny & a bit ridiculous. Finally saw the full What's Love mv & like it a lot, esp with extra footage of David strumming the guitar & talking either to the 2 girls or to himself.
The thing I dun like abt these mvs is the age of the girls in them seemed to be decreasing with each mv. Apart from What's Love where the 2 girls r meant to be young & cute & not playing the part of David's gf. From Who do you love mv where the 2 actresses in their mid twenties but matured in looks so they look alrite next to David, then to Love Can where the girl is younger but not in her teens to Fated where the girl is barely out of her teens to 2night where the girl looked hardly more than 18. David maybe 'boyish' but he still come across as an extremely mature man & to have all these young girls in his mvs can be a bit squeamish.
Esp 2night where the song is so steamy & David looked vry sensual singing. Then this Lolita appeared with a tatoo on her arm I suppose to show she is daring. So luckily no interaction or David will look like a uncle next to her & came across as a pedophile *whew* sry abt that but was how I felt when I saw the mv. Actually for the price & the content, will advise wait for the cheaper vcd to be released as u probaby seen the better mvs like Ghost, Who do you love & Susan Said. Well not an encouraging post but that's life where there's highs & lows. For high, Chandelier has posted an exceptional cool translation of The Art of War @ DT Forum *joy*

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