Another fabulous pix courtesy of serene @ DT forum, TQ!. Really adore him here, can see his broad chest & muscular arms, vry vry man. His hands does look rather big here haha. Will be my fav pix until the next one come along heehee.
The chinese article mentioned that the girls screamed when he applied his lipbalm & yelled for him to throw it to them, wow, getting to be quite an idol our Dave heheheheheheh, everybody kept saying how handsome, how handsome.
Seemed he was seen recording with or for Jamie Teo, ex Miss Singapore or sumthing, used to belong to a band, dun know much abt her, here's a pix, pretty girl.
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Wonder what's the recording for, well, we should know sooner or later I guess. Wonder if she's the reason for his constant visits here...........just kidding hahahahhahaha but just thought his constant bringing up of Clarke Quay rather lame. Its ok but not that great for al fresco dining & water views compared to say the gorgeous expanse of cosmopolitan Darling Harbor in Sydney. In fact there is no comparision if you take in the weather.

The Sg DT fan club gaining momentum which is great. Head over to the yahoo grp if u wanna register in the links. In his showcases David choose to sing an old favorite from his Black Tangerine album, Moon over my heart. Of cos compared to the original, its not that old. Teresa Deng popularised the original touching many hearts with her rendition, but I am not being biased when I say I much prefer David's version in both music & lyrics.

Moon Over My Heart

Just blame that night's moonlight
So romantic it make hearts flutter
But really its nothing much
Only the night is a bit chilly
Love suddenly become hard to escape

The crescent moon in the sky
Watch over our crazy loving
There's no need to make any promises
Just my kiss on your shoulder
And in your ear I softly sing

You ask how much I love you
How deep is my love
My feelings are true
My love for you is also true
The moon represents my heart oh yeah
(The moon represents my hear)

The round bright moon in the sky
Watch people meeting and parting endlessly
By myself I am wandering the streets
Love and hatred are confused in my heart yeah

I am not as strong as you think
On the first and fifteenth the moon (is a little sad)
Everyday there are always changes (on your face)
Realised the eternal vow was just a misunderstanding
Still I slowly sing that song

You ask how much I love you
How deep is my love
My feelings will not fade
My love will never change
The moon represents my heart

Softly softly a kiss
(Just a little kiss baby)
Has once touched your heart (and mine)
Deep deep feelings (feelings)
Have become only memories till today
(From now on I will always remember)

Now I ask how much did you love me
How deep is your love
Maybe you should remember
You should go take a look
The moon represent whose heart
The moon represent whose heart
The moon represent whose heart

Based on the original song with additional music by David Tao, additional lyrics by WaWa & David Tao, sang by David Tao in his Black Tangerine album

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