Another successful showcase

Such a fabulous pix taken by the fabulous tangerina. Visit her gorgeous site for more. David seemed vry high, must be all the good vibes generated by u guys hehehehe. & yes there r 2 shirts, tangerina, one for David & one for Lucky. Guess u guys must have given him his shirt first hoping he would wear it courtesy of 'the green lady'???? Such cryptic msgs u guys r leaving on the shoutbox. & Bernard if u r the guy on his right, sry I cropped u out heehee.

Another pix of him holding Lucky's shirt, credit tangerina, he must be thinking why r they giving me 2 shirts, no wonder he looked bemused & then incredulous when told it was for Lucky. Wish I was there to see his expression which according to Tangerina was adorable.
Not much writeup available of the 2 events here, wish someone will share the songwriting one if they were there. If u wanna do so, plse post @ DT or blog forum not shoutbox so it can be preserved for others to read k. So far only one chinese article abt showcase posted @ davidcn. Seemed the response was vry good & 5000 turned up but that could be an overestimation. Sum turned up as early as 9.00am to start queuing & cos it was so hot, the organisers opened the doors earlier.
David sang Susan Said, Who do you love, Love Can & Moon over my heart which were the pre-arranged song but the response was so good that surprisingly on the spot, he decided to sing an extra song I Love You as encore so Sg fans can be considered vry spoilt by David hehehehehehehehe Apparently he also sang sum highpitched Beijing opera delighting his fans. So all in all vry successful showcase for our dear David & great support from his sg fans.

Thanx to nlayhua again for posting this msg @ blog forum regarding Yuling's reply to her email. Such a nice person to take time to reply & she vry modest abt her research. She did more than just visit 2 websites, she listened to The Great Leap vry conscientiously. During the interview she also mentioned davidcn & praised it for being such a united fanclub & David said maybe cos he's not the idol type. (Btw above is not Yuling but dj @ dongli)
Then as dav10_714 mentioned, Yuling asked him abt the cryptic 'no more kung fu on the plane' msg, & David explained it was cos Peter once got into a fight on the plane. They also talked abt The Art of War & again David expressed his concern for Chinese 'disunity'. So really was a vry meaty interview & I like that, unlike other radio interviews, she did not play his songs in its entirety cos most ppl listening in want to hear David's sexy voice speaking so that they can melt away hahahaha but know what I mean, we can always play his cd but how often do we get to hear his speaking voice? So thank you Yuling for being so intuitive abt what his fans want to hear.
If u have cable & tvb8, remember to tune in this Sat for a new program called Music On Fire 2005. The first singer featured is apparently David Tao!
Music On Fire 2005: David Tao
07 May 2005 Saturday
09:00 PM More Showtimes
TVB 8 Ch 53
A must-watch for all Chinese music lovers. This programme will showcase the most exciting concerts around, explore the inner world of your favourite singers, enable you to get up-close-and-personal with your idols and also discuss each singer's latest album in an interactive manner.

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