Seriously DT

David seemed a lot better according to DTFCers who saw him perform on TV today. He sang Wan Bu Liao & Susan Says without too much trouble. Hope this will be the end of his performances & he can get some rest. Although its tough going, I believe he does enjoy travelling around China to perform & meet his fans. For those asking, I don't think David has any concerts planned either in US or UK. At the moment its just Taipei then back to China & possibly HK. He really don't have any ambitions to become an international star. Maybe with his movie but I don't know. Do the world really want to watch a chinese musical in modern dress? Also he kept saying that there hasn't been a modern Chinese musical filmed? Excuse me, but has he seen Hong Kong Nocturne? Arguably one of the best chinese modern musicals ever filmed. Also his lofty aspirations to show the world that chinese movies are not all kungfu & ancient martial epics. But other chinese directors have already done that. Has he seen Shower, Sunflower, Still Life, Peacock, Lost Gun, Devil at the doorstep, Getting Home? Just to name a few. Especially Getting Home, a fabulous road movie that should have been China's pick for Oscar last yr instead of the overbloated Curse. Considering he only ever mentioned western directors & movies as his inspiration, its hard to believe that his movie will be quintessentially chinese. He is actually still a foreigner in China. His movie can only reflect a Taiwanese American's viewpoint of China like his music.

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