3 days to TP concerts

Caught a news snippet of DT trying on his new concert outfits. He looks really good, slim, fit & vry dashing. One of the outfits is black/white zigzag shirt & a little bit like Jay's cowboy outfit without the silly hat of cos. They told him abt it & he went "hee haw!" ^__^ It was quite funny. Apparently he invited Liz the eurasian model who is featured in his VW mv to appear onstage with him in the concerts but not to sing Marry me today I hope *sigh* Although rather squeamish abt his inordinate fondness for nubile girls young enough to be his daughter, still its his life & image *shrug* He has also been photographed for his jeans ads & apparently his legs are perfectly long for wearing jeans. The ads will not only be seen in magazines but on the sides of buses in TW as well. Wow, hope someone will take some pixs so we can all enjoy Daddy Long Legs hee haw!

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