1 day to TP concerts

Just posting a few vids on the eve of his TP concerts.
Big John photo shoot
Power of Live promo
(Vid links credit & thanks to DTFC)
He was just so gorgeous in the photo shoot with his model poses ^__^ Hope to see them soon. Apparently he is wearing a face mask all the time as he is terrified of catching a cold & losing his voice >"< I too am getting nervous as always when he has concert. Dear DT, sending you all my love & best wishes. You are always in yr element on stage so don't let anything get you down. One of the most enduring images of his concerts is DT hugging his guitar. Not often in Asia do you find a singer, unless he is part of a band, who played the guitar so often in his concerts. Most audience look forward to his unplugged section where its only his voice with the backing of guitars. Guitar is most definitely DT, he uses it to compose, he has quite a good collection which he cherished. Also just watch the way he handles a guitar with respect. Here's one of the earliest pixs I have of him with a guitar:

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