13 days to TP concerts

Nice pix of Gold Label dinner after Global Chinese music awards. Caught his speech after receiving Best male singer & he said that he didn't often receive this award & he didn't know why he receive this award. Dear DT I think you must be getting old cos I think you received best male singer award quite a few times in the past ^__^ But its true that he is known more as a talented songwriter & producer than singer. Not like Eason or Jackie who most people would mention as great singers. Media asked him how he felt defeating Eason *sigh* & he said that he has never considered competing with other singers, much less Eason who is a good friend. Also it was rather nice of Eason to thank him during his acceptance speech for best album saying he likes Tai Mei Li vry much. I wondered why singers received awards for best song or album, shouldn't the songwriter/producer receive them?
David attended his dad's birthday celebration but did not bring any presents. He said cos he 'spoiled' his dad too much in the past. He will probably stick around in TW or maybe fly to Shanghai as he has yet another concert to attend in China on 10/17. Hope he gets plenty of rest before his TP concerts. Updated concert news with tentative dates. His plans to stage 10 concerts this yr did not materialise but really its extremely difficult to stage concerts in provincial cities in China. Maybe that's the reason he has been attending so many largescale concerts all over China. At least this way, his fans in various parts of China could still get to see him. I noticed in DTFC forum that fans get really thrilled & honored when he appeared in their cities.

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