2 days to TP concert

Here he looked sulkily beautiful in Big John jeans ad. I love it when he wears checked shirt. He wore 10 pairs of jeans for the photo shoot but said that he would normally wear jeans without washing. This drove his mom crazy so he agreed to wash them once every 3 or 4 mths.
The electric guitar is his, maybe get to see it onstage this Fri or Sat *excited* For sure he will rock the little egg & maybe crack it ^__^
Power of Live already on pre-order @ Yesasia:
David Tao sends fans his "Power Of Live"
Ever since the gifted Taiwanese singer-songwriter released his debut solo album in 1997, the Chinese music world has paid much attention to the works linked to his name. Often referred to as the Godfather of Chinese R&B, Tao has put music lovers under his spell with his unique style of soulful songs mixed with all kinds of other music elements. He is also known for his passionate on stage performances. This two-disc combo presents a live cut from his 2003 Soul Power gig in Taipei including songs like "Evening Sonata" (CD - Track 9), Over The Rainbow, and Melody. The 2007 Volkswagen EOS series CM tune Free has also been included as a bonus track. As for the POWER OF LIVE DVD, it features an 80-minute compilation of choice songs performed by David Tao from 2003 to 2007.

I have no idea what the Evening Sonata song is abt. Anyway it sounds great, hope can get it soon. News report said that this yr David earned close to 1 million NT from concerts, endorsements & live performances making him one of the big money-earners in EMI. So far he has 25 live concert performances in China & I believe there is another one coming up in Nov. Really hope he is able to fulfill his dream of directing a movie nxt yr.

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