18 days to TP concerts

David @ 7th Global Chinese Music Awards. OMG he looked dreadfully thin & tired *heart pain* Apparently he almost didn't made it cos of typhoon in the region. He won 6 awards including best male singer, best producer, best album & most favorite duet. He sang I love you probably cos he didn't have time to rehearse so fall back on this old fav.
Here he thanked his fans for their support. This is a vry strange award show as doesn't seemed to be any time limit for the albums nominated. Anyway the awards seemed rather arbitary to avoid offending any record companies. For instance David got best singer, Eason got most popular singer, Leehom got 1 of the popular singer/composers, Show Lou got 1 of the most outstanding singers & Jay got something. As usual Sina doesn't really feature David even though he is the biggest winner. He is usually not regarded as trendy anymore but maybe the judges of this awards are more cluey abt the music business. Could be why Tai Mei Li got so many awards even though it was released more than a yr ago. Its influence is still being felt. The most obvious is Marry me today unleashing a spate of boy/girl love duets & sappy love songs. The more subtle is the return to melody driven albums that are coming out now. The songs are less quirky or gimmicky with a slight retro feel, more soul influenced than r&b & more ballads than hiphop or dance tunes. Music that offers an alternative to Jolin Tsai or SHE. So it has been said that every time David Tao released an album, he will influence changes in the chinese music world *sigh* He is just the most genuine music-maker I have the pleasure of knowing. But dear DT, do look after yr health & put on more weight or your voice will not be at its best for the Taipei concerts & that will be a tragedy.

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