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David filming Free mv. Apparently he plays the good friend of a married couple who is growing apart. He drives the car & I suppose has a part in bringing them back together. Sounds good & vry suitable for the gorgeous song. This song is so refreshing. Its not the sort where you can have on repeat. After listening, I feel so peaceful that I just want to close my eyes & put my head back with his soothing voice echoing through my mind. I love the simple arrangement, the intro & the fabulous refrain in the ending ... just perfect. A belated short writeup abt Global Awards @ cctv.com:
Chinese excellent pop singers hornored in HK
Source: CCTV.com
The annual Global Chinese Music Awards, honoured the best of the year at Hong Kong's Coliseum. David Tao, the prolific singer songwriter and singer Stephani Sun were the big winners.
The Global Chinese Music Awards are a prestigious pop event. This is its seventh year. The Awards are jointly sponsored by seven of the most influential radio stations in Asia. Last Sunday's awards ceremony saw David Tao snap up five prizes and half of another. Stephani Sun raked in five, all by herself. Tao and Sun are the new reigning king and queen of Chinese Music.
Stephani Sun ascended to "most popular female singer" for the fifth time. Her other awards came in: "twenty golden songs of the year", "best album", "outstanding singer from Singapore", and "popular female singer top five". Joey Young won the overall "best female singer" award, pop diva Jolin Tsai only managed one award sharing with David Tao, for their duet "Today You Will Marry Me".
David Tao won "best male Singer", "twenty golden songs of the year", "best album", "best duet" and "popular male singer top five". But he came late for the show, delayed by a typhoon. So he missed collecting the duet award beside Jolin Tsai.
Eason Chan won four awards, including the big one: "most popular male singer". It's a first for him. He beat out rivals David Tao, Jay Chow, Allan Luo and Zhang Jingxuan.
Rising female stars Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang and Zhang Liangying won "twenty golden songs of the year", and "most popular female singer top five". There was more: the got the "media recommendation award", "all around entertainer" and "best stage performance" which is a repeat of their award last year.
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