Taipei concerts postnotes

Not many pixs of DT Taipei concerts but here's a nice one with Liz, model in his VW Eos vcd. They pretended to be lovers but later explained it was only rumors as Liz aleady has bf.
Here he is surrounded by 6 dancing beauties haha vry cheeky of him as kinda using the paparazzi love of secretly taking pixs of him with 'rumored gf' Now he has 6 *__*
He also specially designed a 'No Paparazzi" cap for his concert merchandise -- not many but vry classy & well-designed. Scroll down & see 1000 David dolls still available heehee guess not vry good merchandising idea as it is his voice we want not his body. But the cap is nice, really want that, guess he is really mad at the loss of his privacy. In fact before the concert he hardly ventured out of his new residence in Taipei. Even gave up dining with his friends as paparazzi kept following him. When he is hungry, he cooked a simple meal for himself avoiding starch.
Vry simple staging. He avoided the use of fireworks & as usual relied on purely music to entertain. The audience on 1st nite was too 'refined' according to DT & he asked was it cos he did not sing well. The 2nd nite was better I believe.
He got a bit emotional on the 1st nite while singing Dear God as he said the world is too chaotic. He always gets emotional singing Dear God but then I get emotional too listening to it. Dear DT, even if others don't get it, many of yr fans appreciate yr efforts to educate us abt the ways of the world. Critics always said he is too preachy like its a bad thing. He is not trying to preach to us but to let us know there is an alternative way to live & I don't think that is a bad thing at all. I love you, respect you, commend you for never giving up on passing that message to us no matter what. You are the truest, most sincere singer I ever have the grace to know so don't give up on that no matter what.
Posing with his beloved guitar during rehearsal. More complete rundown of concerts later but most wonderful was he sang medley of 7 songs he wrote for others including LA Boyz's Kingston Man's Dream & Ronald Cheng's Thinking of your love. Below vid can hear him singing some of it & I almost died from happiness. Even though I cannot listen to it live but I am satisfied to hear him sing Kingston Man's Dream at last.

Vid links credit to Tao Mi Tian Tan who also posted 2 absolutely enjoyable clips of the concert singing Let's Fall in Love & Susan says. Apparently he sang I'm Free on 10/27 & VW website in TW has been updated with the song & Eos cm -- vry nice, very classy as with all his commercial ventures. Loving this song more & more, his freestyling voice just incredibly soothing. The cm has been released but he is almost invisible in it ^__^

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