17 days to TP concerts

Vry charming, vry DT ^__^ He was, not surrpising, late for the ceremony but since most of his awards were major, he was in time to receive them personally.
Here he received not sure what award from famous mainland Chinese Olympic medalist.
Here he gives his signature acknowledgement wave to his HK fans who always have a special bond with him as he is HK bred. He said once again he is working on his movie script & hopes to start filming nxt yr. It will be a musical in the style of Chicago "ugh" Not too fond of that movie. He may not even released new album nxt yr. Still hope for a few singles like promised cm song for VW & hopefully he might even write for Brappers if rumor is true he will be branding for them. He thanked his fans for still supporting Tai Mei Li so long after its release. Actually surprised it even got Best Album along with Eason Chan's & Stefanie Sun's 07 albums. Didn't they both released mandarin albums last yr?
So basically Tai Mei Li released in 06 is competing with both 06 & 07 albums from some artists who have released 2 albums & still won? Vry strange. Maybe it as they said they only give awards to those who attended but still they didn't have to give him best album & I think he got the gold award. They could have given him the bronze award. Sry just trying to fathom why this album most chinese critics panned as his worst album is now receiving more awards than his previous much better albums *scratch head* But then with DT I have learnt to expect the unexpected *__* Anyway below vid of David singing I love you credit & thanks to HK fan who posted @ DTFC. He sounded much better than mid-autumn nite but still not at his absolute best & of cos he forgot a chunk of the lyrics *sigh* It was cute though during the first part when he kept standing at the far side & the girl lamented in cantonese why he didn't come over but finally he did & they screamed at him, so sweet:


Elaine said...

The cute guy that gave the award to DT is not an actor, he's Olympics player =]

Shuying said...

Lovely... David has prob performed this song thousands of times, yet each time he does it, it's refreshingly good and soulful=).
And yea, he's looking a tad thin=/.

Zhao said...

Thanks Elaine, sry but vry clueless abt Chinese Olympians. Will make the correction. Tks Shuying for yr comment

jb said...

It has been ages since I visited and I have to say your site still looks FABULOUS and of course with lots of DT's news lately, we are blessed with lots of 'eye candy'! DT does look run down :( but he looks SO SUAVE in a black suit! Thanks for your continual blogging!!!