5 days to TP concerts

Quite a scary promo pic as he is wearing a lot of makeup including dark mauve lip color *shiver* Although I do understand his eagerness to strip cos he is already 38 & probably his last opportunity to show off his fit torso. Something for himself & his fans to cherish in yrs to come. Tracklist of Power of Live courtesy of TW Yahoo Grp:
Power of Live DVD
2003 Soul Power - Taipei
1. Black Tangerine
2. Rain
3. Bastard
4. Airport in 10.30
5. Everything's Gone
6. Blue Moon & Over the Rainbow
7. Melody
8. Kung Pao Chicken
9. I love you & 晚安曲
2006 Love Can - Taipei
10. Love Can
11. My Anata
2007 123 We are wooden men - Shanghai
12. Regular Friends & Ghost Overture
David Tao Power of Live 訪談實錄
Power of Live CD
1. Rain Overture
2. Bastard
3. Airport in 10.30
4. Everything's gone
5. Black Tangerine
6. Blue Moon & Over the Rainbow
7. Melody
8. Kung Pao Chicken
9. I love you & 晚安曲
10. Regular Friends
11. Free (VW Eos 2007 CM song)
Sry to post a forbidden stolen pix but if there is one good thing abt paparazzi is the pixs where he is caught unaware. I like them better than when he is posing. He usually looks softer & a bit vulnerable with his guard down. There's a girl next to DT which I cropped. She is a 23 yr old model called Liz who will be featured in the VW Eos vcd which will be shown in the TP concerts. David met her with a group of other ppl to discuss the filming & of cos now they are rumored to be in lurve *sigh* I don't know but all I can say is the man who wrote Free doesn't sound like a man embroiled in a clandestine love affair. Maybe it takes one lonely soul to recognise another but he sounds like someone embarking on a lone journey for salvation perhaps. No time for love *__*

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