19 days to TP concerts

According & credit to Tao Mi Tian Tan, the jeans branding could be Brappers which is a vry successful Japanese clothing brand in Taiwan. Currently the lovely Tianxi is the face of Brappers. Anyhow it should be quite appropriate branding for DT considering he wears denim 90% of the time & looks to die for *__* He also has a scheduled appearance in China on 10/17 which hopefully will be his last before his TP concerts. Hope he is having a good break now.
Was randomly watching mtv & FIR's new controversial mv was on. The song was not bad, a passionate not sappy love duet between Faye & Shin although Faye was mostly drowned by Shin's distinctive soaring vocals. The mv was not controversial at all, just a cheap imitation of the classic Bonnie & Clyde with rather tasteless violence that went nowhere. The thing I found amusing was that mtv got around it by fuzzing the firearms *roll eyes* So we are supposed to be clueless abt what they are waving around? Give me Mayday's creepy beluga whales anytime ^__^
More randomly: had a sudden craving for dumplings then realised I did not know how to say steamed in chinese & the lady selling them did not undersand steamed. Turned out she didn't steam them but just drop them in boiling water. Feel such a failure here in Asia *sob* Anyway went home & listen to David's Butterfly while consuming the boiled dumplings. He really has an extremely heavenly voice esp in that song, vry comforting.

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