DT over my heart

Okay got a bit confused with his appearances in China cos there were so many of them. The one above where he is wearing his romantic blush-pink jacket is CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival concert on 9/26. The one below is the 9th Asian Art Festival in Nantong City on 9/24.
DT also has appearances on 9/28 & 9/29 in China. Will post if there are pixs available. I think he is also scheduled to appear in RTHK Chinese Song Award in HK but not sure when is the date. He has also been nominated in some CCTV music award for Most Popular Male Singer but not sure if he will attend. Anyway below youtube vid of his CCTV Mid-Autumn appearance where he sang Moon over my heart. It wasn't as bad as some fans were claiming. He made some adjustment where he couldn't reached the high notes and sang in a lower key. Overall it was alrite & just awfully cute when he kept smiling to himself when he missed the high notes. He really looked vry romantic & the way he sauntered abt the beautiful stage is just so DT. The fireworks were wonderful too. At least he didn't opt out & lipsynched. I think he knows if he did that, his fans would be even more upset. Even though his voice wasn't at his best, this is actually one of my favorite live DT performances only cos he just looked too damn cute everytime he smiled to acknowledge that he wasn't singing well ^__^


Anonymous said...

OHM! DT was so sick in the youtube clip from Mid-Autumn Festival concert on 9/26.

So worry about DT's health.

Get well soon DT,


Anonymous said...

Hi,hum...Will the concert of 26/27-oct
happen in London as well?
Many thks,