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Finally some pixs of David @ 9/26 concert. Apparently he didn't look too good & his voice was not at his best. Probably still recovering from his cold. In fact the whole concert has been criticised for not delivering on the hype. Jackie Chan, Andy Lau & Tony Leung rumored to be performing did not show up. Worst, many of the performers did not sing live. At least David did even if his singing was not up to par.
Some really nice pixs (credit & courtesy as always DTFC) of another performance in China, not sure where or when but he looked amazing. I don't know why he has so many appearances in China at the moment but he must be extremely fatigued. Hope he has time to rest. I can only guess it could be obligations he has to fulfilled for his sponsors as he has a few more concerts in China. He looked to have lost a bit too much weight for my liking, also I noticed that his voice suffers when he is too scrawny. Hope he remembers to eat more & build up his strength for the upcoming TW concerts nxt mth.
Here's an interesting article on the Hennessy Artistry Asia Tour where David is mentioned:
Musical fusion of East and West implemented in Shanghai
www.chinaview.cn 2007-09-27 10:01:18
BEIJING, Sept. 27 -- Today, the idea of blending the East and the West is more attractive and practiced than ever before. Fusion kids are supposed to be smarter and more beautiful. Fusion restaurants are popular. A few Oriental elements add a lot to all those super expensive fashion show costumes. It seems that everything has a little bit of the East and the West.
Music might be the best field to practice this blending, since "music is a common language." Last Friday that idea was implemented on the Shanghai stop of the Hennessy Artistry Concert Tour Asia which began on March 23.
The tour has brought together various kinds of musicians including Asian music sensation Tata Young, Australian pop group Human Nature and talented R&B singer David Tao.
It has made stops in China's Hong Kong, Taipei and Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur so far and will continue to most of the major cities of China including Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ningbo. In December, it will return to Shanghai for the final concert.
Musicians ranging from DJs to pop singers have traveled from all over the world to participated in these concerts. Last Friday, the main players were upcoming star Tank from Taiwan, Hong Kong-based American DJ Gruv, and European electronic dance trio Karma.
The music of Karma integrates highly energetic dance beats with a trancy electronic sound reminiscent of the early 1990s.
"We are honored to be here," said the keyboardist Pipi. "It is our first time in Shanghai and we really want to take this opportunity to meet as many people as we can. Hopefully, we can work with some Chinese artists here. Who knows what will come of that."
Founded in Croatia in 1999, the group has won many prizes including the Best Dancing Singers and Audiences' Favorite Singer in Europe. Their music is joyful and vibrant.
DJ Gruv, real name Derald Reynolds, has been behind the decks since the age of 13. His music is a melting pot of various styles including funky tribal, tech house, reggae and hip-hop and R&B. With uplifting and easy-to-dance-to beats, he cheers up the crowds and leads them to his musical world.
Throughout his teenage years he was a bedroom DJ getting the occasional house party gig until he joined a local DJ group in North Carolina at university. DJ Gruv moved to Hong Kong in 1997 and has been playing at trendy clubs and parties ever since.
The key performer was Tank who is famed for his composition skills, his lyricism, his technical abilities but in particular his beautiful voice.
The tour will visit Beijing tomorrow and return to Shanghai in December. Surprise guest artists are to be announced.
(Source: Shanghai Daily)

For some reason, probably cos of his sincerity & respect for music, David's partnership with commerical music projects usually has respectable & solid success. His music journey is slowly veering away from the far too gossipy, sensationalised Chinese entertainment world. It's a journey that I am glad to follow where he goes ^__^


sukyee said...

I know I'm bias but I feel as if some labels milk all the energy out of their artists.

I hope DT gets to take a break and find inspiration again. He just seems so over-worked and over exposed. I hope he takes care of himself so we don't have worry about possible cases of exhaustion or over commercialization.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Moon Festival to DT and Zhaodi!

Sorry, I was so....late since I just came back from my bs trip.

Hope DT get well soon
Just in time for TW Concert next month.

Zhao said...

Hi hi, yeah thks for yr comments. Hope DT will get well soon!