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Another mention of David's Moon represents whose heart @ cctv.com:
Odes to the moon
Source: CCTV.com
The mid-autumn festival, or Moon Festival, is being celebrated across China on Tuesday. Chinese people believe that on this day the moon is at its fullest and brightest of the whole year. There are a number of songs relating to the moon. Chinese people like to compare the moon to beautiful people - and beauty in its different guises.
No.5 Yellow Moon
A yellow moon in the blue sky is a typical scene appearing in fairy tales. Singer Tarcy Su refers to the yellow moon in her hometown: "Under the yellow moon in my hometown, there's nothing to worry about." Indeed, many immigrants have fond memories of their hometown - featuring the loveliest of moons.
No.4 Crescent Moon
"Crescent Moon" was first sang by mainland singer Liu Huan - and the song soon became popular across the country. Many other singers - such as Taiwan's Eric Moo - later sang their own interpretations. "Crescent Moon" recalls the country scenes of beautiful riverside towns. It is also an ode to relatives who remain there.
No.3 Look at the Moon's Face
This love song was Taiwan singer Meng Tingwei's biggest hit. It compares the moon's variability with the changes of the heroine's moods. Meng's gentle voice - and the melancholic song - moved many Chinese people.
No.2 The Moon Represents My Heart
This was the late diva Teresa Teng's hit song over two decades ago. "The Moon Represents My Heart" is now a classical Chinese tune. R&B singer David Tao adapted it recently - weaving in trendy R&B beats. In this song, the moon represents deep and faithful love.
No.1 May Love Last
The title and lines of the lyrics are from a poem by Song Dynasty poet Su Shi. He laments the parting of beloved relatives, friends and lovers - while reunions are short-lived and far between - just like the moon is full only a few separate days in one month. The poem ends with: "If our hearts are linked with each other, we can share the same moon though we are miles apart." The song matches the poem with a tune - turning the literary classic into a pop classic.

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