Time not enough

He looks like a rockstar ^__^ although the red is vry blinding but looks good with his tan. More pixs @ Tungstar Anyway lotsa more articles today abt David speaking out against the fabricated media stories. Actually he is not mad cos he is the target but warned the media not to slander the ppl around him. Love him when he dared to be so outspoken cos he felt there has to be a limit. I mean I dun think he mind too much if the media get personal with his appearance or hair or accused him of plastic surgery. He is not that vain but those Casanova stories they made up were just too much, way over the limit.
Also according to TW Yahoo grp, they had called EMI & was passed a msg from David that he is OK abt the whole thing & not to worry. He has also read the msgs on EMI msgboard & is thankful for his fans' support. You can always count on us for support David *__* Olia mv is already out! Its not what I expected. I thought it will be darker & done at night. I still like it cos it goes well with the fantasy feel of the song. The rocking horse could be another reference to Blade Runner. (Vid link credit TW Yahoo grp)


Anonymous said...

hi, I was wondering where these articles can be found? Would like to read more about him defending his friends. thanks

Zhao said...

Hi anon, they are actually much of the sameness but u can find a series of them at http://www.tao-zhe.com/bbs/thread.php?fid=13 Hope that helps.