Concert reviews & pixs

Looks like concert a big success with not a drop of rain. The power of DT ^__^ Anyway some blog reviews here & here thanks *muak* to mk, above pix credit & much thanks to eognxien Mutiply. Also chinese reviews, songlist & pixs @ Msia forum. He sang a lot more songs including 3 from Tai Mei Li:
Airport at 10.30
Who do you love
Moon over whose heart
Let fall in love
Too Beautiful
Blue moon/Tuberose/Spring Wind
Everything's gone/Butterfly
Susan said
Smalltown girl
Can't get you outta my mind
My Anata
Black Tangerine
Art of war
Close to you
Marry me today feat Kewei
Regular friends
Dear God
Kungpao Chicken
I love you
Love Can
Gotta go now but be back later to see if any professional reviews.


zoe said...

OMG~!! He sang 'Butterfly'~ I luv that song2death~!!! SP he didn't sing it but I wanna hear him sing it live... pray for the DVD release soon >_< hope they'll included this song too!!!

awwww I wish he sang 'Bu Ai' or 'Finally' from Too Beautiful album tho~

fsdjfkwui said...

hahah i'm gonna use your song list too (: thanks for the credit! haha your site brings like 100 hits to my blog, and eong xien's.


Xien said...

Haha I'm not sure if my blog has gotten that many hits LOL! Need to track my blog ledi lol.

Anyway thanks for linking.
Arigato Gozaimasu! =)

sukyee said...

Ooh, the song list is so useful. I really wish there will be a next time, so I can see it all again.

Xien said...

Hey, just to let you know I've uploaded 2 vids to Youtube :

Enjoy! =)

davidgirl said...

harlow!!! hey u know wat..i always see the same few of u in most of dt's forums!! hehe maybe we shud come out and meet..
sukyee wat is ur msn? did u put at the chat box here? i saw ur post in many places!! i tink u are still veri high from d concert rite! i've added xien.. :P he sent me many files oredi! so so happy! we shud all sit down and yum cha and chat together 1 day!! i'm still in cloud 9 too!! kekek!!

hey to post here i need to

davidgirl said...

soree..i didn't complete dat sentence.. hehe!

to post here i need to register or not? but i tried de button..it work..so i din hafta register!! =)

YES!! dt sang hu die!! my fren and i was like SHOUTING for joy when DT sang! we were like praying that he will sing it !!!!!! :P and he did!!!!!!