Msia Promo on now

David on cover of China mag (Scan credit DTFC) So sorry as I am unable to bring u much news abt David in Msia. Still online but need till Monday before I have more spare time. In fact didn't even know he was gonna be in Msia so soon. Thought it was the weekend. Anyway he will have news conf & radio interview today. Hopefully some media pixs will be posted soon.
You know always a mystery to me why there is so much support for Westlife in Asia & so little for Tension. Not dissing on Westlife but Tension has just as good vocals. Their ages & looks are abt on par yet Asian fans seem only wanna give it up for Westlife. Virtually ignored, 4 Chinese guys & 1 Korean who can really sing & make us proud when the West look over to see what's cooking in asian entertainment. If life is fair, Tension should be one of the biggest acts in Asia *sigh*
Will the same thing happen to David? I think it can't be far off. There will still be the silent support for him but unfortunately in chinese entertainment, unless its loud & clear, you will soon fall off the radar. That's why I get annoyed at those whining abt his so-called "sellout" to commercialism. Come on, the man is just trying to survive. Its not like in the West with a bigger population & tighter control on piracy so a singer can still get by with 2 to 3 yrs gap between album release. If not for his endorsements to give him more publicity, David will be ignored too like Tension.
Sry for this depressing post but listening to Beautiful, I suddenly realised another recurring theme in the album - escape. David sings abt chasing, wandering, walking on, turning his back & leaving. I wonder if he is tired of being in the spotlight & longs to be free to be himself. Could be why he is taking time off nxt yr to direct a movie. He will have a valid reason not to appear publicly for a while.
He still have to come up with an album nxt yr as I think his contract with ecentury is 3 albums. This was mentioned during radio interview in TW. So he will need to get another recording contract soon. I think this has prompted his TW fans to actually form an unofficial fanclub & show support on EMI msgboard which until recently has been vry quiet.
Why are David fans always so quiet? Maybe they are all like David who much prefer to be private & low key ^__^ Msgs left on myfm not many as expected including 1 hate post *roll eyes* Anyway hope David is enjoying his Malaysian sojourn. He always enjoy the food & I think he likes the ice dessert there too.


sukyee said...

We (Malaysians) fans do support David. (Sorry, didn't drop a msg for David as I was terribly busy and hardly listen to the radio!)

But to be honest, I've never met a fellow fan in real life. They're that hard to find. I've spent almost half my life searching. It's depressing.

I suppose Westlife visited Malaysia often when they were big but they're almost forgotten now. I'm not sure about Tension but I thought they were really good as well.

Cheer up! I can't wait to see David in concert. Take care, God bless.

Zhao said...

Hi sukyee, thanks for yr reply, you are meeting David fans at this blog rite. I will definitely cheer up & support David more. Westlife is not longer big, that is true but they are still able to hold big scale concerts in Asia. That is something I can never understand. Also Backstreet Boys who is virtually well past the useby date in US. Why are ppl in Asia so hung up on almost defunct boybands from overseas? Just very strange, that's all :P

sukyee said...

Not really. Westlife are very clean and international.

It's the kind of concerts parent would more likely take their kids to (now) if they have the extra cash.

But not everyone listens to Chinese music. And not everyone listens to David's music. Many still don't understand him. So, that's why he isn't on top of their minds when they think of concert or music.