Moon over whose heart?

Do u ever try a random method of letting fate decide what you should do? Like saying to yourself if the next guy comes along wear a tie then I will tell her. Sure u know what I mean ^__^ Anyway I decided to let my blog be the fatemaker. Blogger is offering upgrade to beta blog. Normally I will not even attempt for fear of losing my entire archive which almost happen once. But I said to myself, if I upgrade & all goes well then it means I should continue to blog. If I lost my entire archive then it means I should stop.
It went ok though but for some glitches so I can't really turn on the features like drill down archive list which is just fantabulous & subscription. So guess I will keep on blogging for a while, see how it goes. Maybe some ranting might help, so here goes ...
Dear David, we are very tired of stories about your lovelife. Sure the media is to be blamed for making up most of them but that doesn't mean you are totally blameless. Like getting your sidekick to come forward and explain matters which actually make it all the more confusing. Either be a man and admit the woman is your girlfriend or SHUT UP about it already. WE DON'T CARE! We just wanna know about your music. I totally detest those people who become famous by association and unfortunately Joanna is becoming one of them. I don't care if she is your girlfriend but I am absolutely SICK of seeing her name in print only because of you not some wonderful things she did.
Back to normal blogging. Sorry if I have offended some of you. But when David was interviewed in HK & was asked abt Asian songwriters accused of copying from the West, he said that sometimes it could be you are unaware that your song has been influenced by another song, so its best to ask your friends & ask them to be brutally honest if the songs sound alike. Then if the answer is yes, then its best to change the song until it no longer sound alike. I respect him for this kind of honest response. So I hope he can accept this kind of brutally honest feedback from his fans.
Anyway Happy Mooncake Festival & what better song than Moon over whose heart where we can still see a sweet, innocent David *sigh*


sukyee said...

I think Joanna is the victim here. I don't think she's done anything that shows that she wants attention. It's not her fault if she is getting all these news.

Like David said in his blog. Don't believe everything you see or hear. Don't even believe him but judge yourself because the truth can always be twisted whether intentionally or by mistake.

I wish David would come clean about Joanna. She's like the mysterious woman who's supposed to be 'the one' but David still refuses to make that fact clear.

Plus his (assumed since we rely on third parties and even our own eyes and mistake the truth) behaviour is also questionable. But we must still remember, he's a guy. And it's natural for men to act like that. They want to have a woman by their side but still want to be adored by millions.

Either that, he just wants to protect her.

After all, from my impression (from his music and some of his interviews), he owes a lot to her and she's been patient all this time. So maybe he just wants to protect her but the press are just attacking like crazy.

Pardon the messiness. Hehe

Zhao said...

Thank you so much Sukyee but you are so rite of cos. You restored my faith in David :)