New look

Welcome to the new look! Hope you like it, esp the archives with titles of each post making it much easier to track back. Decided to go with a newsy layout so pixs posted will only be thumbnails. Should be able to change colors & fonts soon to make it even cleaner.
David is still on his uni tour & hopefully there will be more reports & pixs from his TW fans. Found this great page full of his recent pixs. Also 3 clips of his Beautiful press conference in Beijing, just click on the links below the player.
He looked so charming in the pixs. I believe in him absolutely despite the recent bad press. I think he really tried to make the best of the situation but unfortunately its just got worse & worse.
As he said himself, he was stupid in the past to try & be honest & sincere in portraying his own feelings. Anyway I decided to put it all behind & from now on this blog will not feature any kind of news on his relationship unless there is really the need.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome blog you have.., it's an amazing place for us more "White-Washed" David Tao fans to check out!!! Keep up the AMESOME work!!!

Zhao said...

Thank you, plse continue to visit & support David.