10 days to KL concert

Okaaaaaaay happened to catch a news clip of Rain's recent concert & there was a helicopter on stage. So I went looking & found this @ youtube. Rather similiar to David's opening concert clip dun you think. Know what's gonna happen as usual, Rain fans gonna accuse David of 'copying' him. Oh well, that's life when you are one of the most innovative trendsetters in Asia.
Rain's concert msg is apparently spreading 'lurve & peace', I wonder where he got that from? He is spreading his winds like Icarus but avoiding the sun *roll eyes* I wish Rain the best of luck but I lost all interest in him when he started to grope his crotch a few times during the concert. I am pretty liberal but majority of his fans are little Asian girlies, not to mention isn't that pretty old hat by now. Also his military gear is really offputting considering what's happening in North Korea. So Rain my fine-feathered friend, just don't fly too close to the sun ^___~
Anyway back to the real concert news, 10 more days to KL Love Can concert where its all abt the music, music, music, music, music, MUSIC & David's sterling vocals that never fail to impress.


zoe said...

Gosh! that look so much like David's~!! [even at 1st glance at the pic I thought that was David, but he never wore military uniform]

when I 1st saw Rain performance on TV, I immediately thought he's a 'Michael Jackson wannabe'.. the dance, the move, even the music.. never thought he'd be groping his crouth too~ lol so much for Asia sensation huh?

carrie said...

HAHAHAHA you are so funny!! ROFL

"crotch grabbing" is exactly right! i'm actually not that interested in rain anymore but i used to be a crazy fan. i think he tries too hard to look cool and sexy. just kinda puts me off. haha

isn't Icarus the dude whose wings got melted by the sun?

what's the connection btw wings and "peace and love"? *shrugs* no idea. LOL

bloodbubble said...

lol me too - I used to like Rain but have since gone off him.. ugh..what a COPYCAT!! I guess the helicopter prop justifies the exorbitant rates for the concert huh? =P

udonotknowme1 said...

kaka... Have been too distracted by David to bother about Rain and his *ahem* supposed 'good looks'. By the time I notice, he was already a MJ wannabe. Kind of funny post, nevertheless.