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Glad u guys like the new look. Must regroup & give new support to David as he is facing negative image generated by the recent press, or should I say continuous, malicious slander >"< He seems to be a soft target for the tabloid who enjoys tailing him & misrrepresenting his views. He is certainly not a 'fake' or a 'liar'. His real persona & the persona found in his albums are exactly the same. He never wears a mask in public & pretends to be something he is not, what you see is what you get. Listening to Beautiful, you get the story of an ordinary man who has loved, lost, loved again, cheated & got cheated, want to get married but afraid of commitment and terrified of growing old. Has David ever presented himself any other way? You may dislike his so-called 'arrogance' but you cannot accuse him of being fake.
Still most Asian fans seem to want their idols to be perfect, modest, faithful, model citizens. Hey, I admit that I myself want David to be dignified, cool, heroic & beyond reproach. So I was disappointed when he turned out to have feet of clay & refused to admit whether or not he has a girlfriend. But I also have to admit David has never promised to be this perfect idol, all he ever wanted is that we listen to his music & try to understand him more. Like his idols John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix who never pretend to be something they were not, who put all their passion & emotion into their music. How are we gonna be moved by their songs if they were not what they portrayed themselves?
Great singers, songwriters & musicians have always been those who dared to confront the world. Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Madonna, so many more. These people dared to live, dared to love & dared to tell the world abt it. Without them, the world will be a lot less interesting. If I have to choose between an idol David who conforms to being the perfect model for his fans or a real David who let us see his weakness then I chose the latter. I much rather he continue to move us with his music then be considered as someone who is infallible & above reproach.
If ppl want to believe the worst of him, not much we can do abt it. Like there are many who love to accuse him of 'copying song' esp I Love you which can get really ridiculous since it has been said to be 'copied' from so many songs. How can one song be copied from so many diff songs? Do they all sound the same? The latest is Klymaxx - I miss you. Nvr heard of this group but can listen to I miss you @ youtube. Must say its a vry nice song but unless you are TONE DEAF, its hard to understand how anyone can accuse David of copying from this song. Just wanna say I went & listen to all the songs they accused David of 'copying' & NONE of them are valid. They are all just as ridiculous as Klymaxx's I miss you.
Anyway some vids to enjoy, the first courtesy of TW Yahoo grp is news clip of his mini-concert @ Taipei Univ.

Then a vry brief clip of his concert at Tainan univ

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