Msia promo clips

A few more Msia promo vids courtesy of bloodbubble *hugz* David sang Moon over whose heart while fanclub mbrs carry lighted lanterns behind him, vry sweet. Then a bit of Wan Bu Liao, nvr get tired of listening to him sing this song live. U just realised how much the song is vocal driven.
DTFC has posted that new version of Tai Mei Li already released in China. It now has the previously banned track, I don't wanna know(slightly changed lyrics I would think), & bonus track of original The Moment written for Honda Civic. Guess must have stepped on some pretty big toes there by rewriting the lyrics :P Still its a great song & I love both versions.

Just wanna recommend the recent single from Kenji Wu, General's Command. Kenji was the surprise nominee in Best mandarin male singer in this year GMA. He really is a good singer/songwriter. I think his most remembered song was the self-titled track where he imitated a lot of singers. He is fav among girlies for his charming good looks.
General's Command is probably the freshest I heard of East/West combo. Nothing really new & not sure if he did the arrangement himself but its just so slick & creative. Altho of cos the promo claimed he invented a new style *roll eyes* The intro is rather clever to go with the meaning of the song where he described ppl following trends like hiphop as following a general's command.
Although he recycled the tune from a previous song, Chou Xing Xing, he still managed to add something extra to it plus mixing in some great chinese elements. Only thing is like with most chinese songs today, it sounds better with an mv which is a bit controversial. There seemed to be shades of Jay Chou & Wang Lee Hom in it as well as in the lyrics which Kenji wrote himself.
Anyway those who r fed up with David ^__^ & want more creativity in their music might wanna try Kenji. I feel that of all the young & upcoming Chinese singer/composers, he is the most intellectual & able to bring more to his music. He needs to cut down on the gimmicks at some point though. Ppl will just get tired of it as he is just following trends -- something his new song is extolling us not to do.

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