Concert memories

Wow, concert excitement still so high. Felt that David really put on his very very very best for a memorable night. Lotsa great pixs being posted so won't post many here, can find them @ DT forum & cari.com, latter has abt 3 or 4 threads abt Love Can concert. The above pix is my absolutely fav, the expression on his face says it all -- he is willingly to give 200% to his audience. Complaints abt ppl not giving it up for David in the front rows but I think if you had stood up & cheered for David, he would know. So no need for concern, don't think David would be discouraged.
Some chinese reviews here & here, both excellent & mentioned sweet Celine, the lucky fan whom David picked to come up stage. She got to hug & put her head on David's manly chest ^__^ Best of all, I love how they commented on the various musicians & backup singers even naming many of them. The lovely Kewei was specially signalled out for her youth, her looks, her dancing the tango with David, her sweet voice when singing Marry Me Today with David & especially for her talents. The reviewer said that to be picked for David's concert, you have to be multi-talented. Feel so proud of David that he is always so willing to share the stage so that his concert members all get to shine. This is what a concert should be, not just the star holding a concert but his interaction with his concert members to present the very best in music for the audience.
Another nice thing was after the concert, David immediately went to attend a special David Tao International Fan Club Party his fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan & China held for him. He was very happy that although he does not have an international fanclub but fans from various countries still managed to unite by themselves with very little problem. They gave him gifts & even though his staff kept trying to get him to leave to attend his official after concert party, he stayed for an hour & it was 2am before he left. Such a great guy, my absolute idol forever.
A great concert vid already up @ sinchew -- Celine also featured, that girl is getting famous *__* Much thanks & credit to xien for posting 2 great clips @ youtube. Love the one where he said, "There's one thing I realised, Malaysians can sing!" WOW such great praise, you guys must have impressed our godfather of music very much!!!!!!!!

You guys wrote some wonderful memories on shoutbox so reposted here to preserve them:
Addie [5:00:09 AM]
yoyo evry1! it has been 2 days since the concert but i am thinking of it everyday stil! thk god it din rain, and yeah it definitely was a great concert. chaomian, i understand wat u said coz i personally had that feeling too: had no idea where to look coz there were just too many wonderful things happening at one time! when u look at the band, u wont wana miss dt, and when u ogle at dt, u miss the wonderful happenings behind! like the unexpected fireworks and the 'explosion' when he came down from the roof!sigh! sukyee, i agree with you tat some of the ppl weren't sporting at all! most of those around me were quiet and shy too it seemed, but i was screaming my lungs out that nite the moment dt appeared on the screen in the helicopter hehe 'high' i cheered and shouted so much and was having such a great time coz i told myself that i really wana enjoy myself there and be 'part' of everything! if only everyone would stand and be crazy! do you guys think dt was kinda discouraged with the reaction of the crowd? i had the feeling that he mite...
chaomian [12:33:36 AM]
alrite,alrite!! its a deal!!we're gonna go 2gether!gotta start saving now,man...i want a good view of david and everything else!!i realize dat ther r jus 2much to look at wen david sings...the strings,the guitarists and strings and such;i jus dunno wher to look sometimes!!realli gpoing for a vcd so i can admire them all separately! rspbery,ur so rite! david's pitch perfect singing sometime makes me feel like i'm listening to his cds..but den the slight mess up of lyrics tells me i'm not
rspbery [12:35:25 PM]
The concert was awesome overall!! Personally I felt the beginning could have been better.. there wasnt enuff ooommpphh and power.. I know he could have made a stronger impact on his presence.. nevertheless it got better after every song. I went all the way out cheering for DAVID!! I had such a good good time singing along, enjoying the live music and his superb raw vocal. U know how he always sounds perfectly pitched.. as if u?re hearing a recording instead of a live performance.. sometimes I hope he could just went off-pitch to remind me that hey this is live. Crazy I know..! but u know him.. being HIM, he rarely goes off-pitch. He?s just too super to do that I guess. I love the way he changes his singing style.. and how kheng long reworks a new musical arrangements.. brings a fresh feeling. Like he did for airport in 10.30, .. I think it?s the same arrangement as the ones for the soul power concert right? Still LOVE IT!! (out of concert context: especially tian tian 2003!!) the girl who went up stage to duet with david was so cute and sporting.. jealous, but yeah she deserves it!! Loved the violinist, er-huist and flutist.. strings were amazing especially when he sang jiu se ai ni.. musicians were great. I was hoping they would blast the music slightly louder tho.. I liked the opera intro for susan shuo ..shows his versatility. I must say I cant name u the songs I loved cuz they were mostly all of it. Lolx. David looked really good in the black coat.. cutie!! Loved how the audience sang ?ai hen jian dan? together.. could hear the echoes of the stadium.. so so coooll?!!! A great concert.. looking forward to a next concert from david
chaomian [10:36:31 PM]
The concert was waaay to short!!! So glad dave sang like all my fav songs. But then? r ther actually songs dat I dun like from him??heheh.anyway,so glad I hv a place to ?vent? my excitement!! Thx zhaodi! The songs and arrangements las nite sounded veri similar to soul power to me, and that?s simply wonderful cos not being ther at his soul power concert and later watchin d vcd simply shreds you up inside!!! Ther I was las nite...graced wit the presence of david and his absolutely magnificent band? in the flesh?it was almost unbelievable. Wished I were closer but then I noticed the crowd at the more exp seats weren?t veri lively. COME ON PPL!!!seriously, can we (you ppl reading dis and myself) like go together as a group the nex time round??its jus rotten that I get to sit around ppl who r content to sit quietly and watch. Slap those hands together and work those vocal chords la!! I was already a bit sad after ?the giving tree? clips(I?m such a sucker for this kinda stories) and then dave proceeded to sing dear god. I was almost crying but then I was scared that I?ll scare my fren and get weird looks from ppl around me. It took quite a bit go effort to push the tears back in . n he oso sang hu die!!! I nvr expected him to sing tht so wen he did?.i had tears all welled up. My Chinese isn?t dat good so I dun really noe exactly wat the songs says but that song always get me in the mood for a good crying?and I?v done that b4. haha. I NEED ANOTHER DAVID CONCERT!


Godfrey said...

can u post video of him dancing in Marry me today? i was also listening to that song while reading ur post!

Godfrey said...

btw that song Marry Me is very much like Lucky by Jason Mraz