Sentimental DT

Must be some vry enthusiastic fans this side of the stage to make him so joyful & devilish ^__^
Vry man yeah!
Even the band mbrs had fun haha
A deep bow as always to show his heartfelt thanks. Nice little clip where can hear a bit of I Have Nothing. He wanted to see Cui Jian for himself I think but the so-called 'Father of Rock' in China declined to show himself but some reporters who saw him said he was 'dancing' to the rock segment. Vry smart to include Hey Jude since he already sang with it with Yanzi so less to learn but of cos he did it rock style this time. The man really a genius when it comes to arranging songs. Wonder if there are other surprises he might have for HK concerts? Dun think he will include the rock medley cos it will be too much for 3 concerts in a row. But maybe Singapore cos there are some sentimental rockers here for sure heehee
DT is of cos the most sentimental of rockers *__*


tangerina said...

sentimental rocker just nice for a sentimental fan. :)

Zhao said...

Agreed my sentimental friend haha :P

Anonymous said...

Love this set of pictures taken from DT's Beijing Concert so much (especially the first one). He looked absolutely fabulous and happy.

BTW, will you have chance to join his SG concert on Apr 19?


Zhao said...

Hi Noshka, glad u like the pixs. Yeah, got ticket as usual but have to see whether I am up to facing a crowd I guess.