DT the contender

After concert celebration vid where David presented a portion of the concert ticket sales to HK charity. Wearing unusual belt laserprinted with his concert images, probably a gift. As expected, he has pushed back the date of his album release to Sep/Oct *sigh* There are rumors that EMI might pull their operations from Asia, indication of the dire stage of the music industry here with declining cd sales. Rundown of songlist in HK concerts courtesy of davidtaohk.com:
Overture - Yes No song
Can't get you outta my mind
Close to you
Let's fall in love
Susan says
Who do you love
Moon over whose heart
Airport in 10.30
Smalltown girl
Season of loneliness
Regular friends
Black Tangerine
Art of war
Dear God
Marry me today
Disco Medley - Addicted to Love, Walk this Way, Get Down on It, Kungfu Fighting, September & I Feel Good
Love can
Blue Moon
I Love You

Brief clip of the disco medley thanks to DTFC:

Many fans waited for him to emerge from the Coliseum & here are 2 adorable clips posted @ youtube:

Seemed like they got pretty close to him haha Everybody seemed to have a great time so congras to DT for his 3rd successful series of HK concerts although it was apparently quite stressful for him & he almost his voice during the last concert. The latest concert announced is back in Shanghai where his last concert was rained out. He was so grateful to the audience for staying despite the heavy downpour that he will stage another concert there in less than a yr. The concert on May 10 has rather grand title of 王者归来 which I prefer much to the silly wooden men. Its hard to translate but I like 'Return of the Contender'. Sounds vry much like his fighting spirit where he likes to challenge the audience & chinese music industry with his focus on using good music to open the ears & minds of the audience. Finally a series of wonderfully emotive pixs taken by fans Jimmy @ davidtaohk & Vicky @ DT forum:

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YG said...

Heh I'm definitely looking forward to David's upcoming Sg concert (wooden men name or not)!

Just to share with you all, my sis and i went to his autograph session today at Clark Quay The Central. Fabulous! He was really nice, chatty and friendly!

It is the first time I was meeting him up close. My heart started pounding faster as the autograph session started and we advanced along the queue. I looked on as he smiled and greeted everyone who came up the small platform (one at a time). He signed, engaged in easy banter with everyone who came up, and offered a handshake at the end. Short, but warm and sweet. It made me feel less nervous about meeting him up close and worrying about appearing like a complete stuttering fool.

Finally it was our turn. My sis went up the stage as I waited right behind her on the steps.

Sis: Hi David!
David: Hello! How you doin’?
Sis: Yeah I’m doing great!
David: Oh really!
Sis (pointed to her tix as he signed): I’m sitting at row 10..
David: uh sorry…? (it was noisy)
Sis: I’ll be at row 10…
David: Oh row 10… Ok great! thank you very much! (offers left handshake)

My turn. Gosh!

I walked forward, beaming and trying to look calm. David looked up with a bright smile.
David: Hi! Ni Hao!
Me: Hi David! Good to see you after 2 years!
David (leans forward): Ah sorry..? (too noisy again)
Me: It’s been 2 years since you came.. Good to see you again!
David: 2 years..Oh! You were at Love Can?
Me: Yes!
David: Ok great see you soon! Thank you very much! (offers left handshake)
Me: Thank you! See you at the concert!
His hand was large, warm and firm. Lovely!

As it turned out, the great thing about this small stage set-up was that the whole experience was up close and personal, yet stress-free. David makes your 10 seconds of ‘alone’ time with him truly yours. You don’t feel small, worthless, pathetic and like an overzealous idiot shoved ard by watchful security. You don’t feel like you’re merely a part of a mindless autograph churning conveyor belt. David was calm, confident, acknowledged everyone’s presence, and gave each one undivided attention as he signed your stuff and chatted with you. And best of all, he offers a handshake at the end without you asking. Fabulous!

At the end of the whole session, sis n i walked with David n his minders to a holding room. Together with two other fans, we waited outside for abt 2 minutes before he reemerged to leave the building with security. My sis called out his name. He turned back with a surprised smile and waved, saying Thank you very much! I said Bye~! and he replied cheerily.=)

As he walked along, we decided might as well follow along and send him off. Out of the building in broad daylight, David with his entourage attracted a couple of surprised stares and waving onlookers. As he boarded a white minivan, I thought his minders wld shut the door immediately. Thankfully not.

David got on the van, sat down and once again saw sis n I. He pointed to us and waved! We waved back happily. When the door closed and the van started to drive off, we saw through the tinted windows David actually turned back to look at us and waved bye again!

That totally made my day.=)